Hosted Telephone Systems

Hosted Telephone Systems for Business

Today, businesses have the flexibility to avoid costly private branch exchange (PBX) systems for corporate phone systems. Now, a managed telephone system offers all of the performance of a traditional physical system but with greater efficiently, improved cost-effectiveness, and with Atkins DTS's legendary support.

Hosted phone systems from Atkins DTS offer the next generation of IP-based telephony - using the Internet to transmit calls. Also, hosted phone system offer greater flexibility for providing phones for remote staff members.

Depending on your business needs, a hosted system can provide a broad array of features at lower costs than traditional PBX systems. Options from Atkins DTS include voicemail with an email interface, fax facilities, and auto attendant. Our managed phone system customers also enjoy calling options such as call transfer, call queuing, and caller line identification. You can even use conference calling to host telephone meetings with multiple participants.

In addition to an impressive feature set at an affordable pricepoint, managed IP phone systems can also provide greater uptime through the redundancies integrated into our facility - back-up power, industrial cooling and more.

The upstate relies on Atkins DTS for reliable and innovative solutions for data, telephone and more. Contact us today for a full overview on how hosted telephone systems can improve your communications and your bottomline.

Headset with Hosted, IP Phone System

Hosted Phone systems from ATKINS

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